ufo body Kawasaki KX85/100 2011 Restyled Plastic Kit Cart: 0 item(s)

Contains new style front fender, new style rear fender, radiator covers and side panels and front number plate
Quantity Color Cost Part #
2013 Team Green Colors $129.99 KAKIT218K-TG Add to Cart
Black $129.99 KAKIT218K-001 Add to Cart
Green $129.99 KAKIT218K-026 Add to Cart
OEM 2001-2009 2011 2012 $129.99 KAKIT207K-999 Add to Cart
OEM 2010 $129.99 KAKIT214K-999 Add to Cart
OEM 2013 $129.99 KAKIT218K-999 Add to Cart
Pro-Circuit $129.99 KAKIT218K-PC Add to Cart
White $129.99 KAKIT218K-047 Add to Cart
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